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The Power of the Present: A Guide to Contextual Advertising

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager

One might say that any form of marketing is inherently “contextual”: Any ad, delivered online or off, is contained within some kind of environment. A standard pay per click ad gets displayed on a search result page. In the real world, a billboard sits along a stretch of highway, which is set in a community, which is set in a larger geographic region, all with distinct consumer preferences. All of these different contexts can have an impact on the effectiveness of an ad, to varying degrees.

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5 Retargeting Tips Every Marketer Should Know

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager


Retargeting—or as we call it, Remarketing—has revolutionized the online advertising industry. The ability to continuously target previous site visitors helps marketers recapture lost conversions, and also increase customers’ lifetime value through ongoing promotion. But while retargeting technology is readily available, few marketers have learned how to optimize it for maximum ROI gains.

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Quick-Auditing Your PPC Campaign

Cubes - 157 - AUDITThe dreaded audit: in life and in business, it’s usually more of a source of stress than anything else. Fortunately, the IRS has little interest in what you’re doing with your Google AdWords campaign. After all, if you’re reading this article, that’s probably your responsibility.

As a digital marketing professional, it’s a common and recommended practice to audit your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. And as Google AdWords, AdSense, and similar alternatives continue to roll out new features each year, it can be challenging to comprehensively review your strategies, since there are so many places to look—and so many places for improvement.

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Ready, Re-Aim, Retarget for a PPC Advertising Boost

ppc_targettingOne of the biggest challenges for online marketers today is converting those search clicks into real leads and conversions. In recent years, search advertisers have attempted to tackle this challenge by working further into the consumer buying experience. Traditional search advertising typically reaches customers in the “awareness stage.” However, retargeting allows marketers to reach consumers also at the acquisition and consideration stages.

Retargeting is becoming an increasingly popular way to supplement search advertising campaigns because it targets audiences based on searches they conduct on one website, and brings that data into account when they visit other websites, displaying your company’s ad (usually in the form of a banner ad placement), even after the consumer has left the search results page. Continue reading

5 Tips to Make Mobile Work + Adidas case study

working mobileMobile advertising is a great way to monetize your website on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, mobile traffic is set to overtake desktop traffic this year. However, when it comes to mobile, many websites are floundering. Why is that? Mobile is an inherently different experience from a desktop website – simply throwing up a banner ad on your mobile site isn’t enough. In order to monetize your website on mobile, you’ll have to employ a few tricks of the mobile trade in order to make it work. Try these tips for increasing your mobile revenue: Continue reading

5 Simple Remarketing Resolutions for 2013


Wash away those bad habits with these 5 simple remarketing strategies

As you collect data about marketing hits and misses of 2012, perhaps you’re feeling even more pressure than ever to perform even better this year. Not to worry marketers, if you already have a remarketing campaign in place, below are some New Year’s Resolutions to build on successes in 2013.  If you haven’t started a remarketing campaign yet, what are you waiting for? More than 90% of site visitors do not purchase on a first visit. Check out that stat and how to go after the 90% with a handy presentation from SEOMoz.org on remarketing and how to make money previously posted on this blog.



Raise your right hand and make me a promise, this year you will:

1. Control Your Message: A sure fire way to ruin a brand? Advertising on questionable sites. Exclusionary measures when operating a remarketing campaign are often overlooked, but an absolute necessity to any marketing plan. At a very basic level, be sure the ad isn’t displayed on sexually suggestive sites, pages with foul language or anything spewing gross/bizarre content. If you’d like to refine placement even more, you can modify who the ad is displayed to by any number of remarketing demographics such as topic, age or gender. Continue reading

3 Ways to Smoke Your Competition with Online Advertising

Put your competition out of their misery

You have a product or service that you want to sell, and you know you need an online presence to keep up with your competitors. You also know there are a lot of ways to market and advertise online these days. How do you get started?

You’ve likely heard of Pay Per Click (PPC), and you may or may not be familiar with Remarketing and Display advertising. These types of online advertising all have something in common: they target searchers who already know they want to purchase your product or service, making converting them into your new customers a much easier task. The harder part seems to be getting your ads in front of the searchers that want to see them, but this can be effortless as well if it’s done the right way.

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Advanced Remarketing Tactics

Affiliate Summit West last week held a treasure trove of information for every kind of online marketer. One presentation from our friends at SEOMoz.org about advanced Retargeting Tactics really caught our attention. Note: here at Advertise.com, we believe that there is an art and science to Retargeting which is why we call it Remarketing.

Display marketing has come a long way since the early days. The web user has evolved into a lean, mean, content seeking machine.  If they don’t already know what they are looking for, they definitely know what not to look for – ads. Banner advertising has to accomplish more than just branding with hopes of bringing someone to your website. Your ads should target, attract, engage and offer value to all who see it.  Luckily, Remarketing empowers marketers like you to accomplish all of these goals with grace and efficiency.

We recommend that marketers of all levels check out the Remarketing presentation below.  You’ll cover some basics, best practices, how to make the most of it and what to expect whilst using some great examples.  It also has some funny moments.

Please share your experiences with Remarketing in the comments below!

-Advertise.com Team

Where’s the Money Most Effective? Remarketing

If you haven’t yet read about the new Comscore study,  ”When Money Moves to Digital, Where Should It Go?,” we’ve got you covered. Just read on for the highlights you’ll want to have handy for those water cooler chats you know are in your future.

Researchers analyzed the effectiveness of 103 online display advertising campaigns from 39 advertisers covering seven industries.  They looked at six media placement strategies including Audience targeting, Contextual targeting, Efficiency pricing, Premium pricing, Retargeting, and Run-Of-Network ads.

The upshot? Remarketing far surpassed every other strategy for delivering impacts.  It provided a moderate level of reach, indicating that this is a must-do for every marketer.  Below is a plot of the effectiveness of each strategy by lift in search and site visitation overlaid with the relative reach of the strategy, as evidenced by the size of each bubble.

Overall the study reinforces the value of Remarketing by highlighing that it’s not the click that’s the driving force –it’s the view.

Here are some highlights:

–Searching using trademark terms demonstrates a clear interest in a brand and a desire to learn more about it. Retargeting generated the highest lift in trademark search behavior at 1,046%.

–Remarketing performs significantly better than the other placements. This is likely due to the fact that consumers being retargeted have already expressed an interest in the brand and are prequalified.

–In building the model of branding effectiveness, one strategy clearly outperformed the rest: retargeting. This strategy works well in every scenario and should be considered for both direct response and longer term branding objectives.

–RON in combination with ‘retargeting’ would drive both short- and long-term effects at scale.

comScore vice president of Advertising Effectiveness Anne Hunter noted that one of the key findings is just how effective Retargeting is at generating lift. “However, if marketers want to continue to enjoy the benefits of this highly effective strategy, they must also deploy it responsibly and in a manner with which consumers are comfortable.”  In fact that is just the stance we take (see “Remarketing’s Sensitive Side.”)

For even more of the nitty-gritty details on the study, check out MediaPost,  Adotas or many of the other search- and marketing-themed sites.

–The Advertise.com team

An intro to Remarketing by Advertise.com CEO Daniel Yomtobian

Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was invited to speak on the Intro to Remarketing Panel at SES San Francisco. Below is the excerpt from his presentation introducing Remarkeitng; What it is, How it works and its benefits. Enjoy!