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Honesty: The Best Advertising Policy

Advertise.com - Honesty in Online Advertising

At Advertise.com, we naturally believe in the power of online advertising. But we also believe in honesty. Unfortunately, in this industry the two are not always synonymous.

In its 2013 report “Busting Bad Advertising Practices,” Google revealed that it removed 350 million ads in 2013 due to harmful or deceptive messaging. Meanwhile, as native ads gain popularity for their ability to disguise themselves as editorial content, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning advertisers that running misleading ads could cost them.

Consumers today are increasingly skeptical about marketing claims of all kinds, and this is a primary challenge that all online advertisers face. Continue reading

Limited Ad Budget? Do a Lot With a Little

Limited Ad Budget? Do a Lot With a Little

Imagine this: you manage your company’s PPC (pay per click) ad account, but are working with a severely limited budget. It might be discouraging or even intimidating to make tough advertising decisions when you know you’re not reaching your total potential audience.

For many of you reading this, you don’t have to imagine. We understand the struggle, and have worked with a number of clients in similar positions. While it can be tough at first, there are ways to optimize your campaigns through smart decision making and clever targeting. And all without breaking the bank. Continue reading

5 Digital Advertising Mistakes That Harm Small Businesses


According to a recent ThinkVine survey, over 50 percent of marketing executives plan to invest more in digital advertising than in traditional advertising over the next two years. If your small business doesn’t have a digital ad strategy, it’s well past time you got one.

But let’s say you do. Are you making marketing mistakes that are undermining your online advertising efforts? From over-stimulating customers to forgetting about mobile, here are the five most common digital marketing mistakes small businesses make. Continue reading

Advertise to People, Not Pixels

By Daniel Yomtobian, Founder and CEO


One of the reasons we love online advertising is its front-end quantifiability. Nearly all the important metrics you need are readily available: Click-through rates (CTR), costs per click (CPCs), and conversions, summed up in neat little charts for your analytical digestion.

But it can be easy to forget that all of these data points represent real actions taken by real people. Online advertising doesn’t happen in a vacuum—your ads are being evaluated by human beings who all have their distinct personalities and desires. And today, recognizing this is more important than ever. Continue reading

The Power of Social Proof in Online Advertising

Social ProofWay back in 2011 (which, in the ultra-fast paced world of online advertising, might as well be 10 years ago) TechCrunch was touting social proof as “the new marketing.” We know that social proof continues to play a major role in spending habits of both consumers and businesses today. So now that these concepts have been floating around for a couple years, how can marketers capitalize on social proof in their online advertising practices?

Let’s start by revisiting the concept… Continue reading

What “Mad Men” Can Teach Us About Advertising Today

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager at Advertise.com


Hit AMC drama Mad Men has risen to pop culture icon status not just through its engaging characters and its representation of advertising’s “golden age.” It can also be looked at as a philosophical primer for modern advertising. Sure, traditional mediums like print, TV, and radio advertising are falling to the wayside in favor of options like pay per click, mobile ads, and pre-roll videos—but the core of any successful advertising agency lies in client relationships, creative thinking, and identification of high-impact opportunities.

Sit back and pour yourself a drink. Here are some contemporary lessons we can glean from the successes and failures of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (SCDP): Continue reading

Advertise.com Now Delivers 1 Billion Monthly Pageviews

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager at Advertise.com


Advertise.com reached an important
milestone in September 2013: We delivered nearly 1 billion pageviews to our advertisers, as reported by comScore.

This figure represents a 38% increase from August 2013, and a 103% increase from July 2013. The nearly 1 billion pageviews were driven by millions of daily visitors to
advertiser brands online—including Comedy Central©, Teleflora®, PARADE magazine, Norton™, and the Los Angeles Kings—from the Advertise.com Publisher Network.
Continue reading

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website


Imagine this: You’ve invested time, money, and a little heart and soul into developing a website that you’re really proud of. The site has all the copy, forms, plugins, and media you need to start generating conversions, and now you’re ready to show it off to the world. You’ve smartly invested in online advertising channels, delivering beautiful and compelling creatives to drive users to your website.

But then something unthinkable happens…your new visitors start bouncing (leaving without viewing additional pages) from your site! How could they do this to you after all of your hard work?? If this happens, don’t panic. According to KISSmetrics, the average bounce rate for a website is 40.5%, and that average can be even higher for landing pages sent from ads.  Continue reading

Ready, Re-Aim, Retarget for a PPC Advertising Boost

ppc_targettingOne of the biggest challenges for online marketers today is converting those search clicks into real leads and conversions. In recent years, search advertisers have attempted to tackle this challenge by working further into the consumer buying experience. Traditional search advertising typically reaches customers in the “awareness stage.” However, retargeting allows marketers to reach consumers also at the acquisition and consideration stages.

Retargeting is becoming an increasingly popular way to supplement search advertising campaigns because it targets audiences based on searches they conduct on one website, and brings that data into account when they visit other websites, displaying your company’s ad (usually in the form of a banner ad placement), even after the consumer has left the search results page. Continue reading

5 Tips to Make Mobile Work + Adidas case study

working mobileMobile advertising is a great way to monetize your website on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, mobile traffic is set to overtake desktop traffic this year. However, when it comes to mobile, many websites are floundering. Why is that? Mobile is an inherently different experience from a desktop website – simply throwing up a banner ad on your mobile site isn’t enough. In order to monetize your website on mobile, you’ll have to employ a few tricks of the mobile trade in order to make it work. Try these tips for increasing your mobile revenue: Continue reading