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11 Quick Tips for a Better Landing Page

Landing pages are where you send potential customers and subscribers and are arguably the most important element to the conversion process. Whether you are a first-time marketer or a veteran, these 11 items are a must during the creation process.

1. Start With the End in Mind

What is the ideal desired outcome? Are you looking to make a sale, collect information, have the visitor initiate a phone call, or is there some other intended action.

2. Be Laser Focused

Literally. Lasers are so powerful because all the light waves are congruent – in sync with each other. Your landing page design should be the same way – every pixel is there for one reason  -because it’ll help encourage the visitor to take the desired action. Everything you put on that page should pass this test.

3. You Know What I Mean, Don’t You?

Be rigorous about investigating your assumptions about what your visitor knows and thinks. Unearth them and, to the extent possible, never assume. Our advertisers know that assumption without explanation is like skipping a step – just like missing a base in baseball or “can force you to start over – if you’re lucky. Continue reading