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How to Overcome Banner Blindness

banner blindness

Internet ad revenues hit a historic high last year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, with 5.3 trillion display ads served to U.S. consumers. Despite this, click-through rates (CTR) for banner ads have been declining consistently. Every year, advertisers spend billions on ads that consumers never see. No matter who your audience is, chances are they are so used to being inundated with ads online, they barely notice them at all. It’s called “banner blindness”—and yes, it can happen to your customers.

The banner advertising space is more competitive than ever, and that means advertisers must make every effort to make their ads stand out. But that means more than just designing engaging ads or having a great pitch—it’s also about placement strategy and context. After all, you have to stand out from something, don’t you? Continue reading

A Publisher’s Guide to Walking the UX/SEO Tightrope

05_TightropeIf you’re a website publisher trying to monetize with ads, then you always have to ask yourself: What makes my website valuable to advertisers?

Don’t be surprised that there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Building a site that provides measurable value to advertisers is a multifaceted game. It requires a strategy that attracts a constant influx of website visitors while also providing your core audience with the positive user experience (UX) they expect. Continue reading

Display Advertising 101 – The Basics

The building blocks to a great display campaign

Online advertising and branding are crucial components of the success of any modern business. There are a number of ways to establish your brand in the marketplace, and there are also several ways to directly track the interactions, conversions, and other important metrics of your advertising investment. One of the most common and efficient means of strengthening a brand online now is through display advertising. Display ads contain graphics such as your logo, copy, and sometimes even video and/or audio components. Think of them as the digital version of the eye-catching ads found in newspapers and magazines, only more precise and targeted to individuals who are likely to click on the ad (at least) and hopefully convert into a customer.

Read on to learn the basics of display advertising. Continue reading

3 Ways to Smoke Your Competition with Online Advertising

Put your competition out of their misery

You have a product or service that you want to sell, and you know you need an online presence to keep up with your competitors. You also know there are a lot of ways to market and advertise online these days. How do you get started?

You’ve likely heard of Pay Per Click (PPC), and you may or may not be familiar with Remarketing and Display advertising. These types of online advertising all have something in common: they target searchers who already know they want to purchase your product or service, making converting them into your new customers a much easier task. The harder part seems to be getting your ads in front of the searchers that want to see them, but this can be effortless as well if it’s done the right way.

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Tips to Combat Banner Blindness During The Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching and Black Friday right around the corner, holiday shopping is already starting to creep to the front of our minds. Now more than ever, since everyone is dealing with busy schedules, people are turning to online shopping to get their stressful holiday shopping out of the way.  Although most people don’t like being distracted by miscellaneous ads, when presented at the right time to the right person, targeted online ads can help us save money, research new products and update us on our favorite brands. The holiday season is so hectic that we’re sure everyone can use all the help that they can get!

To make sure that you take advantage of all that banner ads have to offer this holiday season, we’ve summarized some great tips to keep in mind when combatting banner blindness from Daniel Yomtobian’s recent article in MediaPost:

1. Timing and Placement Are Key: Banner ads need to be delivered at a time when the reader is compelled to take action, and in a location that will catch the readers’ eye.

2. Surprise the Consumer: A great tool to catch the reader’s attention is Flash, which gives you the ability to have animation that engages the consumer while keeping the file size low.

3. Take Advantage of Remarketing: Use banner space to target past visitors who are already familiar with your brand. This will become increasingly important as the holidays near to help put a stop to shopping cart abandonment.

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Banner Ads Are Here to Stay: Bogus Claims Combatted


With the unstoppable advancement of digital technology, it is no surprise that advertisers will continue to find innovative ways to connect with and engage consumers. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through display advertising. Although it has been said that display advertising is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising, there are many critics who still question its effectiveness. However, rather than discounting the display channel all together, we should be challenging the advertisements themselves.


According to a recent article in ADOTAS, to ensure banner ads are set up for success, advertisers should scrutinize their approach with questions such as:

  • What will the ads say?
  • How will the ads look?
  • Where will the ads be placed?
  • How will the ads be communicated?
  • How many times will the ads be seen?
  • What channels will accompany the ads?

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Consumers Remember Ads Better Across Multiple Media Platforms


Hey, remember that TV ad? Well then according to Nielsen and Google, you probably watched it across multiple screens. Nielsen and Google’s new study revealed that viewing an ad on multiple media platforms substantially increased consumers’ ability to remember an ad campaign compared to viewing the ad on TV alone. Nearly 75% of consumers remembered an ad when viewed across multiple media platforms, but just 50% remembered the ad when it ran only on television. Continue reading