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For a High Value Campaign, Keep Mobile Ads In-House

ppc-advertisingThe digital marketplace today is overflowing with agencies willing to do your online marketing grunt work for you. However, for some companies, this isn’t always an option. If you work for a smaller company on a budget, or a complex product brand, for example, it’s likely that all digital marketing projects are tackled by your in-house SEO team.

If you’re your company’s in-house online advertising expert, it’s easy to feel insulated about best practices in the pay per click advertising world. To boot, advances in software and technology continue to evolve towards a more mobile experience. However, keeping digital advertising efforts in-house has numerous advantages. If your product line is complex, explaining it to an agency representative might be more effort than its worth. In addition, there’s lots of uncertainty, including turnover, potential lack of results, and a fragmented workflow.

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Pay Per Click? Try “Pay Per Watch,” with YouTube’s TrueView

Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Every month, six billion hours of video content are watched on the site. Technically, it’s also the world’s second busiest search engine.

With so many eyeballs concentrated in one network, this is an ideal advertising opportunity for brands whose products and services are best illustrated with engaging video content. You’ve heard of the pay per click advertising model? We like to think of YouTube’s “TrueView” paid advertising model as “pay per watch.”

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Reduce Wasteful Pay Per Click with Broad Match Modifiers

ppc-advertisingWhen it comes to pay per click advertising, it’s well known that broad keywords tend to generate more traffic. In fact, one-third of Google ad clicks and conversions come from broad match keywords. But attracting large volumes of visitors to your website doesn’t always mean that they’re high quality—in fact, low quality clicks can be a severe detriment to your campaign.

Broad match keywords not only tend to be expensive, but they also tend to produce relatively poor conversion rates. Perhaps you’ve already tried adding broad keywords to your Google AdWords campaign and have even added negative search terms to your key phrases to refine it by eliminating irrelevant clicks. But large volumes of visitors doesn’t necessarily equate to high quality visitors. The traffic boost will look good on paper, but hundreds of clicks originating from tangential keywords can cost you money that could be better spent in other ways. Continue reading

Ready, Re-Aim, Retarget for a PPC Advertising Boost

ppc_targettingOne of the biggest challenges for online marketers today is converting those search clicks into real leads and conversions. In recent years, search advertisers have attempted to tackle this challenge by working further into the consumer buying experience. Traditional search advertising typically reaches customers in the “awareness stage.” However, retargeting allows marketers to reach consumers also at the acquisition and consideration stages.

Retargeting is becoming an increasingly popular way to supplement search advertising campaigns because it targets audiences based on searches they conduct on one website, and brings that data into account when they visit other websites, displaying your company’s ad (usually in the form of a banner ad placement), even after the consumer has left the search results page. Continue reading

5 Tips to Make Mobile Work + Adidas case study

working mobileMobile advertising is a great way to monetize your website on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, mobile traffic is set to overtake desktop traffic this year. However, when it comes to mobile, many websites are floundering. Why is that? Mobile is an inherently different experience from a desktop website – simply throwing up a banner ad on your mobile site isn’t enough. In order to monetize your website on mobile, you’ll have to employ a few tricks of the mobile trade in order to make it work. Try these tips for increasing your mobile revenue: Continue reading

Roya Mahboob of WomensAnnex.com Honored in #TIME100

Great News!  Roya Mahboob was included as one of the honorees on the 2013 TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World. Mahboob, who is the woman behind WomensAnnex.com (formerly the Afghan Development Project), helps build computer-connected classrooms for women in Afghanistan. Last summer, our CEO Daniel Yomtobian, was one of the first corporate entities outside of Film Annex to support Roya Mahboob and the Afghan Development Project. Daniel’s contributions during the early stages of the Afghan Development Project ensure that Afghan women have access to the classrooms, training, and resources they need to earn an independent income and become active contributors in the online world.

Yomtobian says,

“We’re proud to be one of the first supporters of WomensAnnex.com and its mission to connect women in Afghanistan with the Internet. The importance of social media cannot be understated – it’s the best way for women around the globe to connect with others, earn an income for themselves, and express their thoughts. Congratulations to Roya for her inclusion on the TIME 100. She truly is one of the most influential people of our time, and I’m proud to support her work in Afghanistan.”

TIME Editor Radhika Jones explained in a recent video how the TIME 100 are chosen, saying, “It’s not just politicians, it’s not just financial titans, it’s anyone. The idea of innovation is a constant.” Roya Mahboob and her business partner, Fereshteh Forough, are innovators within Afghanistan and beyond. By bringing education and technology to girls and women in the country, they’re helping to raise the standard of living for people in Afghanistan. Continue reading

We’ve Thawed Out After a Hot NY AdTech!

After another great AdTech we’re back!  On the heels of a devastating hurricane that ravaged the city, we were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of exhibitors and attendees at the show. Although there weren’t as many people as there have been at past shows, we had a substantial amount of meaningful conversations. It seems as though the hurricane naturally filtered out the casual attendees that would have otherwise attended the show (not that we don’t like to chat with them) leaving those that are serious about building their business.

As always, AdTech provides us with an outstanding opportunity to meet face-to-face with our current and potential clients to discuss how we can help achieve their ad goals. To learn how we can help achieve your online advertising goals, check out our handy recommendation tool.

Oh, and we took lots of pics! Check out the gallery below.



Bringing Education & Opportunity to Afghanistan


[iframe src="http://www.filmannex.com/embed/70186" width="560" height="316"]

As CEO of Advertise.com, I want to update you on the progress of the Afghan Development Initiative that we are so excited to be a part of; see our original announcement here.

Over the past 5 months Advertise.com has been one of the partners working with Film Annex in a remarkable project that will eventually provide internet access to 160,000 women and children in war-torn Afghanistan.  To date we’ve connected 4 schools and now over 18,500 students have online access.  Our long-term goal is to connect 1,000 schools with 4 million students.

What does this mean to the Afghan people? Continue reading

Help us Support Afghanistan Education

Everyone deserves an education

My name is Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of Advertise.com and I wanted to take a moment to share with you a commitment we recently made to work alongside Film Annex in hopes to improve the Afghanistan Educational System. Film Annex currently works with 28 Ad-networks, with Advertise.com being one of them. The collaborative efforts have been coined the Afghan Development Project and are designed to incorporate digital and social media into 40 schools in the city of Herat.

Initially, the project should give Internet access to 160,000 children. In time, the project should continue to grow and will hopefully extend into 1,000 Afghan schools and provide 4 million students with Internet access. I am a firm believer that digital and social media are powerful tools that can provide an effective means of education and empowerment. By giving children and women a source for obtaining knowledge and shifting to a more forward type of thinking, I hope this will lead to increased stability and overall progress in the future. Continue reading

Tips to Combat Banner Blindness During The Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching and Black Friday right around the corner, holiday shopping is already starting to creep to the front of our minds. Now more than ever, since everyone is dealing with busy schedules, people are turning to online shopping to get their stressful holiday shopping out of the way.  Although most people don’t like being distracted by miscellaneous ads, when presented at the right time to the right person, targeted online ads can help us save money, research new products and update us on our favorite brands. The holiday season is so hectic that we’re sure everyone can use all the help that they can get!

To make sure that you take advantage of all that banner ads have to offer this holiday season, we’ve summarized some great tips to keep in mind when combatting banner blindness from Daniel Yomtobian’s recent article in MediaPost:

1. Timing and Placement Are Key: Banner ads need to be delivered at a time when the reader is compelled to take action, and in a location that will catch the readers’ eye.

2. Surprise the Consumer: A great tool to catch the reader’s attention is Flash, which gives you the ability to have animation that engages the consumer while keeping the file size low.

3. Take Advantage of Remarketing: Use banner space to target past visitors who are already familiar with your brand. This will become increasingly important as the holidays near to help put a stop to shopping cart abandonment.

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