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Thanks for Helping us Celebrate 10 Years!

We had a blast in San Francisco at our 10 Year Anniversary celebration during ad:tech, and we hope you did too! A huge thanks goes out to all of our attendees for making the party so successful.  We also wanted to congratulate Gabe Douek of Announce Media for winning our Advertise.com Vespa! You can find the video of the drawing below:

If you were at the party and had your picture taken, make sure you enter for another chance to win an iPad! Here’s how:

Visit our Facebook Page

  1. “Like” Advertise.com on Facebook.
  2. Find your picture in the party’s Facebook photo albums.
  3. Tag yourself in the picture. (You must “Like Advertise.com for the ability to tag)

It’s as simple as that! The winner will be announced on Facebook on April 26th.

-The Advertise.com Team

Pics of the Team and Party:

Advertise.com AdTech NY 2009 Pics!

Could it be that Adtech New York 2009 was the best show we’ve ever had?  We think so!  The sheer amount of people, ideas and opportunity was practically limitless.  It’s truly incredible to be a part of the conversations that are shaping today and tomorrow’s online ad industry and in turn the internet!  We also had fun spotting unsuspecting attendees wearing our Advertise.com slap bracelets and awarding them with $50!

In addition to the shop talk, we had a chance to let loose at the Mix and Mingle event that we co-sponsored and let us tell you that nobody party’s like an internet marketer!  Check out all of our pics below to get a feel for what we are privileged enough to be a part of. If you ever have a chance to make it out to one of these shows, do it!

See you at our next show at Affiliate Convention Los Angeles December 3-4th!

-The Advertise.com Team

Advertise.com at Ad:Tech- Launch Party, Pics & Slap Contest Winners!

We made quite a splash at last week’s ad:tech in San Francsico with the official launch of Advertise.com! Our Founder and CEO Dan Yomtobian was on hand at the Advertise.com booth to meet folks and share his insight on the future of the business and was quoted around the web in articles by DomainNameWire.com, DMNews and MediaPost, among others. He even did a nice ad:tech show plug to share his thoughts on why ad:tech was the place to be:

Elsewhere on the show floor, our Advertise.com ladies were running around handing out $50 cash prizes to attendees wearing the Advertise.com slap bracelets and they got some great reactions from winners.

The biggest buzz at the show however, was our launch part at Ruby Sky which had the Twitter-verse live-streaming and snapping photos left and right. (You can follow us on Twitter now to see the continued conversations) Our runway was packed with ad:tech attendees and you can view your runway shots here  (directions to find your pics are include on the site) where party guests struck poses with friends and the colorful party dancers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the ad:tech show and our party, so please share!