Our Shop.org iPAD Winner

Fresh off our trip to Shop.org in Dallas the Advertise.com team invites you to take a peek at our Facebook gallery chock full of photos from the show floor.

Here’s what our iPAD giveaway winner Phil Broadbent (pictured above, center) of Overstock.com had to say about his big win:

What is Overstock.com and what do you do for the company?  Overstock.com is an online discount retailer, and I do merch planning and forecasting.

Who was the first person  you told after you won and what was their reaction? Co-workers. They were happy for me.

Have you ever won anything else?  No. I was due to win.

What do you plan on using the iPAD for?  Personal stuff. I’m considering using it also for work.

There you have it.  Haven’t won an iPAD yet?  You need to come to our shows more often! Next up is Ad:Tech New York in November. Stay tuned…

–The Advertise.com team

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