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3 Ways to Write Clickable Ad Headlines

clickable ppc ad headlines

Pay per click advertising campaigns have so many moving parts that it’s easy to take for granted what might be the most important factor: ad copy that is relevant and compelling.

However, not all ad copy carries the same weight. Some parts count more than others—specifically, the headline. In fact, approximately 80 percent of people only read the headline of a PPC ad, completely ignoring the body of your ad copy. Continue reading

Limited Ad Budget? Do a Lot With a Little

Limited Ad Budget? Do a Lot With a Little

Imagine this: you manage your company’s PPC (pay per click) ad account, but are working with a severely limited budget. It might be discouraging or even intimidating to make tough advertising decisions when you know you’re not reaching your total potential audience.

For many of you reading this, you don’t have to imagine. We understand the struggle, and have worked with a number of clients in similar positions. While it can be tough at first, there are ways to optimize your campaigns through smart decision making and clever targeting. And all without breaking the bank. Continue reading

5 Digital Advertising Mistakes That Harm Small Businesses


According to a recent ThinkVine survey, over 50 percent of marketing executives plan to invest more in digital advertising than in traditional advertising over the next two years. If your small business doesn’t have a digital ad strategy, it’s well past time you got one.

But let’s say you do. Are you making marketing mistakes that are undermining your online advertising efforts? From over-stimulating customers to forgetting about mobile, here are the five most common digital marketing mistakes small businesses make. Continue reading

What’s the Point? A Guide to Ad Conversions

GuideAdConversionsMarketing ain’t what it used to be. Brands are no longer expected to simply sell their product or services. It’s all about long-term brand strategy now, and building a successful brand requires hitting several different conversion points by encouraging a diverse set of desired user actions.

In online advertising, a conversion isn’t exactly synonymous with  a “sell”. Any number of desired user actions stemming from your pay per click ads can contribute to greater overall brand awareness and loyalty that will sell your product in the long run. Continue reading

When Words Are All You Have: 3 PPC Ad Copy Philosophies


When we communicate in the real world, it is estimated that only 7 percent of information is transmitted through words. The other 93 percent? Body language and other non-verbal cues.

What does this have to do with pay per click (PPC) advertising? In the world of search and contextual PPC ads, we only have words! And with a low minimum character limit, we don’t have much room to deliver our message and get our audiences to act. Continue reading

The Power of the Present: A Guide to Contextual Advertising

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager

One might say that any form of marketing is inherently “contextual”: Any ad, delivered online or off, is contained within some kind of environment. A standard pay per click ad gets displayed on a search result page. In the real world, a billboard sits along a stretch of highway, which is set in a community, which is set in a larger geographic region, all with distinct consumer preferences. All of these different contexts can have an impact on the effectiveness of an ad, to varying degrees.

Continue reading

5 Retargeting Tips Every Marketer Should Know

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager


Retargeting—or as we call it, Remarketing—has revolutionized the online advertising industry. The ability to continuously target previous site visitors helps marketers recapture lost conversions, and also increase customers’ lifetime value through ongoing promotion. But while retargeting technology is readily available, few marketers have learned how to optimize it for maximum ROI gains.

So here are 5 of our must-know strategies to make the most of your Remarketing campaigns: Continue reading

7 Online Advertising Tips for Startups and Small Businesses

Startups and Small BusinessesIf you run a startup or a small business, you probably know that effective online advertising can be crucial for your growth strategy. But in the midst of handling everything else to keep your business running, it can be very challenging to make your ads profitable. The numbers don’t lie: a study last year showed that small businesses waste an average of 25% of their online advertising budget because they aren’t effectively managing their campaigns.

Let’s be honest—there’s a science behind what makes pay per click (PPC) advertising work, and learning it all by yourself might not be your biggest priority or interest. But there are some basics that will help you get a competitive and even profitable ad campaign running. Here are 7 of our favorites: Continue reading

Get More From Your Ad Agency/Network

2014 looks to be a big year for online advertising growth, both in the CPC and CPM price markets. A recent survey indicates that 85% of online marketers will increase their focus on improving online advertising conversion; 59% will look to work with a new advertising network; and 52% will spend more of their budgets on display networks.

Companies seeking an increased return from their online advertising efforts are now turning to digital ad agencies or network to get the most bang for their buck. Why? Because with an ever-growing list of advertising options, it can be cumbersome to deal with each one, let alone optimize the various campaigns. And a knowledgeable, experienced advertising account manager (or management system) can be the tipping point for reaching ROI goals. Continue reading

The Sports Marketer’s Playbook for Online Advertising

By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager at

Sports Marketing

If you’re the marketer of a sports franchise, you know all too well that the closest competition for your team’s business success usually happens off the field. As ticket prices rise all around the nation, you must continuously demonstrate the value of single, multiple, and season tickets to see your sporting event live so that your fans keep coming back to the stadium. In addition, sports franchises find themselves competing with the secondary market (ticket broker sites) that purchased empty seats well before the season started. And let’s face it, losing fan ticket sales to the brokers and ticket trade sites directly cuts into your bottom line. Continue reading