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Tony Terani, VP of Agency/Advertiser Services, recently gave a keynote presentation at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. Drawing from his fifteen year experience in  Pay Per Click advertising industry, Terani shared with MBA students how to win the job interview. He offers students pithy advice on how to succeed at job interviews, including steps to take beforehand and during, like researching companies, presenting yourself in the best way possible, and interviewing tactics to ensure candidates come across in the best possible light. Continue reading

Our Top 10 Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

We’re football fans, but we’re even bigger fans of (great) ads; Million dollar spots with high production value, huge stars and clever scripts?  We’re in!
It took a bit, but we’ve pulled together our favorite commercials from the big game!  Let us know if you have any favs that didn’t make the list!






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We’re going to NYC for Affiliate Summit!

It’s about that time!

Next month we’re off to Affiliate Summit East on August 12-14!

If you’re going, please be sure to visit us to learn how we can help achieve your ad goals. Our mission is to provide online advertisers with easy, affordable and effective online marketing solutions including high-quality Keyword PPC traffic, Email Leadgen, Remarketing, and Display Advertising, all designed to exceed your goals.

Whether you are an online advertiser, publisher, affiliate or emailer, we can help deliver more business revenue.

Let’s make a date!

It’ll be a busy show, but we want to make sure we have time to meet with you, so schedule a convenient time to meet at table #94 and booth #329 here!

See  you at the show!

-The team

Ad:tech San Francisco 2012 Recap

It’s hard to believe that our first ad:tech was over 6 years ago, but there we were, an incredible team at a powerful show.  As ad:tech veterans, we observed a couple interesting changes in the conversations at the show:

1. We had some very involved conversations with current and future clients about their ad goals for 2012 and it became apparent that online advertisers aren’t just looking for traffic anymore. They are in search of innovative and competitive ways to grow their business and stay ahead of their competition. The traditional traffic platforms aren’t cutting it anymore and alternative traffic sources are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Of course, this is music to our ears.

2. With the boom of alternative computing devices there are more opportunities than ever to for publishers to monetize users and traffic. Our publisher department had non-stop meetings with mobile publishers, emailers, content sites and domainers all in search of ways to provide better user experiences while monetizing their traffic and data.

As always, we took plenty of pictures of the team hard at work. Check out the gallery below. 

As for our next show, we’ll be exhibiting at Affiliate Summit East at the New York Hilton, table#94 and booth#329. We hope to speak with you before then, but if you are attending let’s be sure to meet!

-The Team

Going to AdTech San Francisco?










We’ll be exhibiting at AdTech San Francisco on April 3rd-4th at the Moscone Center, booth #1400.

If you are in the area or attending, let’s set up some time to meet discuss how we can help you achieve your 2012 online advertising goals. Use the meeting set up form to let us know what works best for you and one of our ad solutions specialists will connect with you to confirm a comfortable time to meet at our booth #1400.

We look forward to matching you with an effective ad solution!

-The team

Advanced Remarketing Tactics

Affiliate Summit West last week held a treasure trove of information for every kind of online marketer. One presentation from our friends at about advanced Retargeting Tactics really caught our attention. Note: here at, we believe that there is an art and science to Retargeting which is why we call it Remarketing.

Display marketing has come a long way since the early days. The web user has evolved into a lean, mean, content seeking machine.  If they don’t already know what they are looking for, they definitely know what not to look for – ads. Banner advertising has to accomplish more than just branding with hopes of bringing someone to your website. Your ads should target, attract, engage and offer value to all who see it.  Luckily, Remarketing empowers marketers like you to accomplish all of these goals with grace and efficiency.

We recommend that marketers of all levels check out the Remarketing presentation below.  You’ll cover some basics, best practices, how to make the most of it and what to expect whilst using some great examples.  It also has some funny moments.

Please share your experiences with Remarketing in the comments below! Team

California Realtors Association Expo: Realtor Marketing, Anyone? at California Realtors Assoc. Expo

Realtors are one group of professionals who can benefit from local remarketing. That’s why the team is here at the California Realtors Association Expo in San Jose, Calif., this week. Just think of it: people do much of their research for home buying online. They’re researching real estate agents and of course they’re looking at your competition too. For example, search for “San Jose realtors” and see what you get: a list of ten or so realtors. How do you stand out? By serving up customized Flash banner ads to people who’ve visited your site then left. It’s great for brand awareness and keeps a business in the customers’ minds. Realtor marketing techniques are ever-changing and local remarketing is sure to catch on like wildfire.

On a side note while we’re here we’re hoping to catch Walt Mossberg, famed writer behind the Wall Street Journal’s Personal Technology column. Walt will talk about society’s obsession with technology and what it means for businesses. Don’t want to miss that one!

–The team


Day 2 at Visit Us at Booth #308!

Our sales team is hard at work over at on this beautiful day in Boston! We’ve been having some great conversations with all different types of e-tailers, and once again Remarketing has been the hot topic of conversation. If you’re attending this year, we would love to speak with you about’s different ad solutions. Also, make sure to stop by Booth #308 for the chance to win a brand new iPad2!

-The Team


Shippin’ Up to Boston: For Shop.Org!

We can’t believe that fall is already upon us, but we’re excited to head over to Boston for the 2011 Annual Summit next week! If you’re attending, make sure to stop by the booth #308 to chat! We would love to discuss how can help retailers battle shopping cart abandonment and improve their PPC campaigns, all in time for the holidays. Whether you’ve heard of our Remarketing platform or not, we would love to show you how it works and provide tips about how to get visitors who have left your site to come back and make a purchase. The time is right to make abandoned shopping carts a thing of the past!

We can’t wait to see you all in Boston!

-The Team


Affiliate Summit East is Almost Over, LeadsCon is Next!

We’ve had a wonderfully busy week so far at Affiliate Summit East, and we can’t wait to enjoy the hustle and bustle of LeadsCon tomorrow. The show’s been incredibly busy with a lot of business being made and a lot of ECN credits being given out!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to release the results of our new survey of lead gen professionals. In the survey’s key finding, 20.3% of respondents noted that they consider 3rd party opt-in email campaigns the most underutilized method of lead generation. Other findings include that 36% of lead gen professionals have utilized 3rd party opt-in email campaigns either now or in the past, and 35.9% believe that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search campaigns are the most effective lead gen method.

We absolutely love visitors, and would be happy to discuss our survey results along with any of our multiple integrated programs including PPC, Remarketing, email marketing, and display advertising! Come visit Carolina, Irina, Maricel and Narine at our Affiliate Summit East booth #306 today or visit us at booth #200 at LeadsCon!

-The Team