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Daniel Yomtobian,’s CEO, Helps Fund Women’s Education in Afghanistan

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Daniel Yomtobian is one of Internet advertising’s top innovators and is a recognized expert in online marketing. Last fall, Yomtobian started to support the efforts of Roya Mahboob who was named to the Time 100 2013 Most Influential People in the World in April 2013. Mahboob started as a not-profit entity (501 c-3, applied for*) that is an interactive platform that promotes and supports women’s empowerment through videos, instructional programs, and blogs. Continue reading’s PPC Search Engines Included in Search LUMAscape

SEARCH LUMAscape from Terence Kawaja is included in the “Search” LUMAscape, which provides information about search engines, as well as agencies, SEO tools, web analytics and more. is included in the “Search Networks/Syndication” section. Continue reading

NEWS: We’ve Launched Exit Yield™!

Great news! We’ve officially launched our publisher bounce monetization product Exit Yield™!

To borrow it’s explanation from the press release below: “Exit Yield™ is a non-obtrusive ad solution allowing website publishers to monetize exit traffic without compromising their current revenue generating strategies.”

You can read the full and view release and product demos below. launches ExitYield™ – An Innovative New Product to Help Online Publishers Monetize their Bounce & Exit Traffic

Online publishers finally have a way to earn from their bounce traffic with non-invasive text ads.

Sherman Oaks, Calif. – March 24, 2013. – Daniel Yomtobian, Founder and CEO of, today announced a new solution to a problem websites often face.  “Website visitors search for specific information and when they don’t find it, they bounce.  We’ve developed Exit Yield™ as an answer to the dilemma that helps both the website publisher as well as their visitor.” Continue reading

Our Top 10 Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

We’re football fans, but we’re even bigger fans of (great) ads; Million dollar spots with high production value, huge stars and clever scripts?  We’re in!
It took a bit, but we’ve pulled together our favorite commercials from the big game!  Let us know if you have any favs that didn’t make the list!






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Affiliate Summit East 2012 Recap

We’re back from another great Affiliate Summit East!

The meet market and exhibit hall had the typical energy you would come to expect from a building full of self-made affiliate marketers.  The name of the game was ”performance”.  Everyone was there to learn how they can increase and find more of it.  That’s where we stepped in. We had countless conversations with small, medium and large companies looking for the right traffic channels for their offers. Many of the affiliate marketers in the leadgen space have had success with email traffic in the past, so we naturally suggested our Email Network because of it’s propensity to convert very well.  We also had some really great conversations with our current traffic partners and discussed ways we can ramp up on the quality traffic that we offer our advertisers.

Our team members worked tirelessly at Affiliate Summit and really presented the company with our best foot forward. A big thanks to David, Irina, Narine, Stacey and Tami for their hard work!  Check out the gallery below to see some pictures of our team on the show floor.



Going to Digital World Expo next month?  We”ll see you there!

-The Team

It’s Back to Boom Times for Online Advertising

Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was recently quoted in a great E-Commerce Times piece entitled “It’s Back to Boom Times for Online Advertising.” The article discusses eMarketer’s recent predictions that display advertising will overtake search as the largest online ad spending category by 2015. eMarketer predicted that this year, display advertising will rise 24.5 percent to $12.3 billion, while search is expected to grow 19.8 percent, to $14.4 billion.

Daniel believes that one reason for this is the growing sophistication of remarketing technologies. Remarketing is a vehicle to reach out to the customers that have already been to the site as well as reconvert them, therefore increasing online ad revenues. With search, by comparison, marketers are limited to keyword targeting. With display and remarketing, the ability to know where your consumers are from and what they’ve been searching for in the recent past helps marketers target ads that are of greater interest to them.

Why do you think display advertising will overtake search? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July!

–The Team

Daniel Yomtobian’s Pointers on How to Combat Banner Blindness

Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian recently wrote an article for iMedia Connection that discusses ways to combat banner blindness. He discusses how, when targeted correctly, online ads can help us save money, research products, update us on our favorite brands and lead us to new ones we like. Dan also points out how, contrary to popular belief, Facebook isn’t immune to banner blindness. Rates at which users clicking on Facebook ads designed to generate fans are starting to decline—even as they become more expensive. We thought it would be helpful to outline Dan’s main pointers to keep in mind:


  • Flash banners give you the ability to have 15 seconds of animation. Use them to convey your message effectively, not purely for distraction.
  • If someone has shown interest before, don’t give up but use remarketing. Remarketing helps consumers see banner ads that are more relevant to their interests.
  • Help your audience get to know you better. Tell them how you differ from the competition and highlight your advantages.
  • Give people what they want by including enticing promotions and offers. If you expect someone to click on the banner, you must give them a compelling reason.
  • If ad creative design is boring, you’ll know it. Mix it up to really stand out and capture attention.
  • Stick with online advertising. Most people spend hours per day surfing the net, with banners loaded onto pages where the users are looking at personally selected content, with no ability to fast forward or remove a banner from a page.

Dan makes it clear that when targeted correctly, banner ads are a very cost efficient way of linking you to your customer. Advertisers with vision and creativity achieve great engagement and branding value by going beyond banner blindness and running banner campaigns with highly targeted and enticing content.

-The Team


eTail West: Day 1

Our sales team is hard at work over at eTail West in beautiful Palm Desert, California and the floor is buzzing.  We certainly have a lot to offer e-tailers when it comes to marketing solutions but it seems that our Remarketing solution is really turning heads.Visitor conversion rates are still hovering at about 4% which means 96% of their traffic is not converting. Their major concerns are how to effectively get in front of their users without “weirding them out” and not spending the budget on fruitless impressions.  This is where advertisers are finding  a fit with’s solution as we instill highly discreet targeting measures and only bill on the conversion.  What’s more, because of of just how effective Remarketing is, advertisers are experiencing upwards of 1,400% ROI on their campaigns.

As a special bonus, we’re offering a free set of customized flash banner creatives available to attendees of the show, but because we love our readers, we’re offering it to you too. To get started, click here.

If you are at the show, please come by to enter to win an iPad and be sure to get your very own set of our trademark sonic magnets!

Extra, Extra, Read All About Our Email Content Network

Fresh from Affiliate Summit  in Vegas we wanted to be sure you heard about the new Email Content Network we announced at the show. For advertisers looking to expand their audiences, it’s a great option for reaching people who have opted-in to emails on categories that interest them.

Thanks to San Fernando Valley Business Journal and for spreading the word!

–The team

CEO Daniel Yomtobian Shares Insights on Shopping Cart Abandonment

Time is closing in for online retailers as the number of holiday shopping days dwindles. It’s more important than ever to recapture shoppers who added items to a cart, then left without purchasing.

In fact it’s possible to succeed in bringing back shoppers and having them purchase.  Read the latest from our CEO Dan Yomtobian in his article Reconnect with Abandoned Shopping Carts appearing on ZDNet. Remarketing is a very effective approach. The proof is in the numbers!

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

–The team