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Honesty: The Best Advertising Policy - Honesty in Online Advertising

At, we naturally believe in the power of online advertising. But we also believe in honesty. Unfortunately, in this industry the two are not always synonymous.

In its 2013 report “Busting Bad Advertising Practices,” Google revealed that it removed 350 million ads in 2013 due to harmful or deceptive messaging. Meanwhile, as native ads gain popularity for their ability to disguise themselves as editorial content, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning advertisers that running misleading ads could cost them.

Consumers today are increasingly skeptical about marketing claims of all kinds, and this is a primary challenge that all online advertisers face. Continue reading

Daniel Yomtobian,’s CEO, Helps Fund Women’s Education in Afghanistan

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Daniel Yomtobian is one of Internet advertising’s top innovators and is a recognized expert in online marketing. Last fall, Yomtobian started to support the efforts of Roya Mahboob who was named to the Time 100 2013 Most Influential People in the World in April 2013. Mahboob started as a not-profit entity (501 c-3, applied for*) that is an interactive platform that promotes and supports women’s empowerment through videos, instructional programs, and blogs. Continue reading

Roya Mahboob of Honored in #TIME100

Great News!  Roya Mahboob was included as one of the honorees on the 2013 TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World. Mahboob, who is the woman behind (formerly the Afghan Development Project), helps build computer-connected classrooms for women in Afghanistan. Last summer, our CEO Daniel Yomtobian, was one of the first corporate entities outside of Film Annex to support Roya Mahboob and the Afghan Development Project. Daniel’s contributions during the early stages of the Afghan Development Project ensure that Afghan women have access to the classrooms, training, and resources they need to earn an independent income and become active contributors in the online world.

Yomtobian says,

“We’re proud to be one of the first supporters of and its mission to connect women in Afghanistan with the Internet. The importance of social media cannot be understated – it’s the best way for women around the globe to connect with others, earn an income for themselves, and express their thoughts. Congratulations to Roya for her inclusion on the TIME 100. She truly is one of the most influential people of our time, and I’m proud to support her work in Afghanistan.”

TIME Editor Radhika Jones explained in a recent video how the TIME 100 are chosen, saying, “It’s not just politicians, it’s not just financial titans, it’s anyone. The idea of innovation is a constant.” Roya Mahboob and her business partner, Fereshteh Forough, are innovators within Afghanistan and beyond. By bringing education and technology to girls and women in the country, they’re helping to raise the standard of living for people in Afghanistan. Continue reading

Advertising Trends: Why is Online Ad Spending on the Rise?

Online advertising is on the rise & she sees it too!

In case you haven’t noticed, advertising on the Internet is everywhere—and I mean everywhere! When you check your email, you see ads in the sidebar. On Facebook, you are confronted by ads that attempt to capitalize on the things you talk about with your friends or links that you post. When you are catching up on your favorite blog, you might also see a banner ad for a pair of running shoes that you had checked out online a few days before.

In the past five years, there has been a steadily increasing stream of marketing capital dedicated to online advertising and with good reason. According to a Nielsen online survey, over 85% of people reported using the web to make a purchase. This may have occurred as a direct online purchase or as time spent researching a product or service on the web before choosing to it buy in-store. Continue reading

How Online Advertising has Triumphed over Traditional Media

The digital age of advertising has quickly caught up to, and perhaps even surpassed, traditional advertising. Young marketers in the industry might not even know how to go about advertising in print media. Their minds are full of fresh techniques like search marketing, display advertising, social media, and affiliate marketing. That said, traditional advertising is not going to disappear—instead, the best marketers will incorporate both for a comprehensive marketing strategy.
The marketing industry is rapidly evolving as the digital age progresses at an almost unbelievable rate each year. If you think Internet advertising isn’t as important as traditional, read on. You’ll soon see why it’s vital to not ignore this growing need. Continue reading

3 Keys to Creating the Perfect PPC Campaign

Crafting the perfect search PPC campaign requires initial research, understanding what your customers want, using effective techniques, testing, optimizing, and measuring. The process may seem overwhelming, but a strong marketer will have a system in place to build, execute, and optimize PPC ads that produce strong ROI. Creating effective ads isn’t an exact science, and new techniques may make the current ideas null tomorrow. The world of Internet advertising is constantly evolving; an effective ad today might not be worth anything next month. Here are some important PPC best practices that will help you stay abreast of the latest changes and strategies when it comes to creating a successful PPC campaign. Continue reading

Top 7 Questions About Tier 2 Search Networks – ANSWERED

As you know, the “Tier 1” search engines; Google, Yahoo! and Bing, dominate search traffic.  In fact, they receive 95% of all search traffic. Yet, other options are available to search engine marketers. Where do the other 5% go? When used correctly, tier 2 search engines are often a viable way to make conversions with a minimal investment.

Often, marketers ask about the nature of our search network. Where do you get your traffic from? What is the experience like on a tier two search network? Or, do you own the properties the ads are displayed on?

We’ll get to all that in a minute. In the meantime let’s discuss what a “Tier 2” is not: a search engine.  We are an ad network of smaller search engines, search tools and websites that feature our advertisers ads on their properties.

“Tier 2” search networks include (in alphabetical order):

  • Adknowledge
  • AdMarketplace
  • Lycos
  • 7Search
  • Continue reading

6 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Valentine’s Day

Give your marketing some love!

Right smack in the coldest part of winter is a day that makes most women rub their hands together in anticipation and men to shiver in fear.  Women start thinking of love and romance, hearts, chocolates and flowers and men start contemplating the consequences of what happens if they get it wrong.  Of course, what I’m talking about is Valentine’s Day.

According to the National Retail Federation,  total 2013 spending for Valentine’s Day in the United States will reach $18.6 Billion — an average of $130.97 per person, so from a sales and marketing standpoint, Valentine’s Day is a retailer’s bonanza.  If you look at Valentine’s Day from a practical, marketing perspective, I think you’ll agree that there are some interesting lessons that the business owner can learn from the hoopla of Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

5 Simple Remarketing Resolutions for 2013


Wash away those bad habits with these 5 simple remarketing strategies

As you collect data about marketing hits and misses of 2012, perhaps you’re feeling even more pressure than ever to perform even better this year. Not to worry marketers, if you already have a remarketing campaign in place, below are some New Year’s Resolutions to build on successes in 2013.  If you haven’t started a remarketing campaign yet, what are you waiting for? More than 90% of site visitors do not purchase on a first visit. Check out that stat and how to go after the 90% with a handy presentation from on remarketing and how to make money previously posted on this blog.



Raise your right hand and make me a promise, this year you will:

1. Control Your Message: A sure fire way to ruin a brand? Advertising on questionable sites. Exclusionary measures when operating a remarketing campaign are often overlooked, but an absolute necessity to any marketing plan. At a very basic level, be sure the ad isn’t displayed on sexually suggestive sites, pages with foul language or anything spewing gross/bizarre content. If you’d like to refine placement even more, you can modify who the ad is displayed to by any number of remarketing demographics such as topic, age or gender. Continue reading

What Online Marketers Can Learn from Independence Day

independence day comicWith the 4th of July approaching, I thought it would be interesting to discuss how the Revolutionary War can relate to online marketing. In fact, by observing how our founding fathers handled themselves in their fight for independence, you can learn how to become a more effective marketer. On that note, let’s talk about some concepts you can implement into your marketing campaign that reflect the spirit of the 4th of July.

Courage – When our forefathers took the initiative to start their own colony, it took an immense amount of courage. Not only did they face uncertainty and danger in their new world, they had to battle the British to finally gain their freedom. While running a business may not require the same degree of fearlessness, it does take courage to succeed. For this reason, it’s important to identify and pursue your goals while maintaining the belief that you can accomplish them. Even though obstacles and setbacks will inevitably come, you should have the courage to stay the course. Continue reading